Friday, September 15, 2023

Mexican Egg Breakfast Quesadilla

One of my favorite go to breakfast meals inspired by a huevos rancheros recipe I saw. Also great for lunch!

Per Serving:

Nonstick spray or oil or butter

2 corn tortillas (I like the yellow ones from Aldi)

1 egg

Small handful of shredded cheese of choice

3 T El Pato, enchilada sauce, or other smooth non chunky salsa

Salt and pepper

Optional Toppings to Serve: avocado, sour cream, cojita or feta cheese, cilantro, salsa

Heat nonstick pan over medium heat. Spray with nonstick cooking spray or use a small amount of oil or butter. Crack egg into middle of pan. Once the white starts cooking gently mix in the yoke. Add 1 T of the el pato, a little cheese, and salt and pepper. When egg is about halfway cooked top with 1 corn tortilla and spread 1 T of the el pato on top of the tortilla. Once egg is more cooked and comes off easily from the pan flip it over. Top with the second tortilla and spread the last of the el pato over the top. Continue cooking until lightly browned on both sides. Serve immediately with avocado, sour cream, cojita or feta cheese sprinkles, cilantro, and or additional salsa.