Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Kitty Cat Face Cake


8 inch round cake with triangle ears from cupcakes. 

Scooter Birthday Cake

Baked in a large loaf pan, froze it, then carved out the ramp. Made scooter out of cookie painted with frosting paint and stick pretzels and small chocolate cookies for the wheels. I used a glue gun to assemble the scooter. 


Alladin Magic Carpet Cake


Free hand cut a sugar cookie for the lamp and baked it with a wooden skewer or popsicle stick so you can stick it into the cake. Coated with glaze and crushed graham cracker mixed with gold sprinkles. 

Mermaid Barbie Cake


Used a cream cheese mint recipe to create the tail and the star fish (star fish used a mold, tail I free handed formed) and the green stones. I painted the fin and stones with my edible frosting paint and crystal sprinkles. Used a barbie that already had a swimsuit painted on. Used crushed graham cracker for sand. Vanilla wafers for clam shells. 

Harry Potter Birthday Cake


I warmed a caramel in the microwave to soften it (about 10/15 seconds) and wrapped it around a pretzel rod for the wand. I used a fruit by the foot for the scarf and piped stripes with yellow stripes of frosting. The glasses were purchased from Amazon. The snitch is a ferrero rocher with paper wings glued to it.