Monday, November 9, 2020

Kristi's Kitchen Hacks #6 Spray Bottle with Water!

This is one of my best kitchen hack ideas I had a few years ago! So simple but so useful! 😊 I literally use it multiple times a day! Everytime I heat up something in the microwave I just give it a couple sprays: rice, bread, pasta, leftover dinner entrees, etc. When a batter is a little dry, give it a few sprays! Roasting veggies in the oven or sauteing in a frying pan, give them a few sprays to help steam them and speed the cooking process without burning. 

I use this thing ALL. THE. TIME. and I get super angry when I can't find it because my kids stole it and are somewhere in the house spraying each other with it.... 😡😂 Anywhooo .... go pick a cheap one up at Walmart or the dollar store this week and you won't regret it!!