Monday, March 30, 2020

DIY Foaming Dish Soap Refill

We've been saving soap since we got married, 12 years before it was cool ;) We actually got this exact foaming soap pump, Dawn brand I believe, as a wedding gift in a basket we received from a family friend. We've since removed the label and have refilled it with our own foaming soap for 12 years now and it still looks brand new! Haha! We buy the biggest bottle of dish soap from Dollar Tree, fill up the bottom, about .5-1 inch or so, and then fill the rest with water. The Dollar Tree soap isn't super strong and but just fine for most dishes that we hand wash. We keep a small bottle of the real stuff in case we need it for an extra greasy dish. We saved millions of dollars and reduced a lot of soap waste over the years. I'm sure most of you already know this, but just thought I'd share since soap is a hot commodity right now :)