Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall Felt Leaf Garland

I saw the idea for this craft here. I made my own leaf template which you can download. Cut out the leaves and pin to two layers of felt. Cut out leaves and line up on floor in what order you want them and then stack them in that order. Take one at a time and put it through the sewing machine with a light brown thread and do one continuous stitch lining the end of one leaf up against the edge of the next leaf. 17 leaves made about 5 feet of garland. You don't need very much felt, 1/8 yard of each color would be plenty so even without coupons it can be really cheap. Some stores don't have many color options for felt so you might have to hit up multiple stores. I had so much extra felt I made a few extra for a friend and my mom. This only took me about 30 minutes.