Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fabric Covered Organizing Trays

I made these organizing boxes for my mom for Christmas.
I saw the idea on craigslist and figured out how
to make them. I just used good strong cardboard from paper
boxes we had saved. The size and fabric possibilities are endless.
They are reversible and can also lay flat for easy storage if you untie
the ribbons. Depending on how much you pay for the
fabric they can be really cheap.
In the end mine cost about $2.50 a piece.

All the supplies you need - cardboard, pins, 2 kinds of coordinating
fabric, I think a solid and print work well (at least 1/2 yard each),
ribbon,glue stick, exacto knife

Cut coardboard pieces to size that you want it to be in the end
(my sides were 3 inches deep and the base is 10 in by 13.5 in)
If you do this size then you will need at least 1/2 yard of fabric
as long as you don't mess up, so cut 19 inches to be safe.
Whatever size you make it, just have at least an inch of fabric
around all sides. The one I made is good for papers/magazines

lay second piece on top (iron first, I didn't but should have)

use a glue stick to keep the fabric in place for when you
sew later, just on the main big piece

flip it over and glue the other piece on so that all the edge of
the two pieces of fabric stay lined up, to do this just
fold back one corner at a time

draw lines so that you keep sewing straight once you get
off the cardboard, I used my side pieces as a ruler to
draw my corners, sorry you can't see my lines very well

pin the two pieces of fabric together next to the cardboard edge

sew the two pieces together right next to the cardboard.
I kept half the foot on the cardboard sot hat I would
stay close to the edge, you want to be close so that you have
enough fabric available to insert the side pieces and
still have that extra inch or so

so it will look like this on all 4 corners when you are done,
doesn't have to be too perfect, because when it's all
folded up you can't even tell

insert your side pieces

fold your print side over the solid side twice to hide the
raw edge, make sure it is pulled tight so that the fabric doesn't
bunch over the cardboard (like my first ones did,
see the green and pink one below)

I just sewed it right onto the cardboard

then I sewed two pieces of 6 inch long gross grain ribbon,
melted the ends with a match so they wouldn't fray